Living Environment for Foreigners (Nationwide) Print

1. Comprehensive Information for Foreigners Living in Taiwan

  • Living in Taiwan (National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior)
    Include living-related information, such as visa, residence, work, National Health Insurance (NHI), education, taxation, transportation, etc. 
  • Info Taiwan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
    Include an introduction to Taiwan and information on visa, passport, travel, investment, work, education, and emergency assistance.
  • Taiwan Today (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) 
    Include news of the government, private sector, events, and business, as well as videos and photographs.

2. Discussion Websites for Foreigners

  • Forumosa.com
    This is a platform for foreigners in Taiwan to exchange opinions about daily living, leisure and entertainment, legal issues, and special columns. 
  • Tealit.com
    This is an information and exchange platform that provides foreigners in Taiwan with job opportunities, businesses listings, and helps employers search for international talent. It also provides information on living in Taiwan.
  • Forward Taiwan 
    This is a channel for foreigners to make suggestions to Taiwan's government regarding reforms.