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  With reference to practices by advanced countries and neighboring countries, the planning of the “three-card system for foreigners”, including “Academic and Business Travel Card”, “Employment PASS Card” and “Permanent Residence Card” (The Plum Blossom Card) have been completed, as duly submitted to the Executive Yuan for approval and implementation in 2009.

  1. Academic and Business Travel Card: This card is issued to international professionals whose main purpose for entering the country is not for work. The card is valid for five years, multiple entries for up to 90 days every time. Visa and customs clearance are rapidly processed through the No. 1 express checkout lane.
    Application details:
    National Immigration Agency《Directions Governing Submission of Academic and Business Travel Card Applications by Foreign Nationals》
  2. Employment PASS Card:Through one-stop service and simplified permit application and approval operations for foreigners coming to Taiwan to work, the “Four-in-one” card consisting of visa, employment permit letter, Alien Permanent Residence Certificates and re-entry permit is used. The card is issued to target all foreign professionals to attract them to work in Taiwan.
    Application details:
    National Immigration Agency《Directions Governing Submission of Employment Pass Card Applications by Foreign Professionals》
  3. Plum Blossom Card (Permanent Residence Card): Targetting 3 types of people including senior professionals that our country needs, specialized immigrants with special contributions to Taiwan and profit-seeking enterprises with direct investments exceeding NTD15 million and investment immigrants who create at least five job opportunities for Taiwanese nationals for at least three years or whose indirect investments exceed NTD30 million. These 3 kinds will be issued the “Permanent Residence Card” to show Taiwan’s respect and welcome to these foreign nationals.    
    Application details:
    National Immigration Agency《Directions Governing Submission of Alien Permanent Resident Certificate (Plum Card) Applications by Foreigners with Special Contributions to our Country, Senior Professionals and Investment Immigrants》
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs launches eVisa Program January 12,2016

eVisa program offers eligible applicants one-station service for filling out the eVisa application form, submitting the application, and paying the visa fee online. When an application is approved, the applicant will receive confirmation by email and can print out the eVisa to enter Taiwan.

For additional information on the eVisa Program, please visit eVisa frequently asked qestions page.

To apply for an eVisa, please click here.