Internship in Taiwan Print

   In order to facilitate applications from foreign nationals (college graduates or higher) to engage in internship programs during their studies in Taiwan and promote mutual understanding for future talent recruitment ,the National Development Council (Formerly Council for Economic Planning And Development) had coordinated with the Financial Supervisory Commission R.O.C. (Taiwan), the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice to complete the Directions for  foreign students to come to the Republic of China for Internships in 2009. The Directions provide foreign students with internship slots in Taiwan’s accounting firms, companies, corporate bodies, educational institutions, law firms and other agencies to work for internships, to have deeper international links and grow international talent resources.

For details, please contact:

  1. Directions for Accounting Firms Applying to Bring Foreign Students to the Republic of China for Internship
  2. Guidelines Governing the Application of Foreign Students to the ROC in the Capacity of Interns in Enterprises and Organizations
    Tel: (02)3343-5700
  3. MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Applying for Internships after Graduation from Universities/colleges in Taiwan
    Tel: (02)7736-6666
  4. Ministry of Justice《Directions Governing Foreign National Internships at Law Firms in the Republic of China》