Regulation Proposal Print

Topics under discussion

1.Attaching importance to the labor shortage problem, relaxing restrictions on introduction of foreign labor.

2.Relax the two-year work experience requirement for foreign professionals.

3.Revoking of requirement that foreigners who take on ROC nationality have to give up their original nationality.

4.Eliminate the restriction that participants in the Labour Pension Act should be Taiwan nationals with immediate effect.

5.Freeing business executives of every level  from the requirement to clock in and clock off at work.

6.Reduce the withholding tax rate on non-resident income to less than 20%.

7.Provide clearer guidance regarding regional service charges.

8.Further expand government-procurement opportunities for foreign companies.

9.Introducing an indirect infringement system into Taiwan’s Patent Act.

10.Reforming Taiwan’s cosmetics regulations to comply with the best international standards and practices.

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