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  In order to strengthen various services intended for foreigners  to come to Taiwan, the National Development Council has coordinated with the Ministry of Economic Affairs to set up the “Contact Taiwan” website and the service center (The center has inaugurated on August 7th, 2015) to provide foreign one-stop investment and recruitment services. The “Project Management” project is implemented to be dedicated to: the provision of employment match making, evaluation before coming to Taiwan, application procedures upon entering Taiwan, living after arriving in Taiwan, and other assistances, as well as tracking of subsequent processing results, all of which will attract outstanding enterprises and foreign talents to come to Taiwan.
For further information, please contact :
Invest in Taiwan Service Center

TEL : 02-2311-2031#500/503
E-mail : service@invest.org.tw


Contact Taiwan website is on-line!

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Situated at the heart of Asia, Taiwan not only owns well-developed infrastructure, stable political environment, open business policies, innovative R&D and manufacturing capabilities and strong workforce, but also protects intellectual property rights. Welcome to Taiwan to fulfill your life and career dreams! Taiwan connects your work and life to the world and future.

Contact Taiwan website has been operated since June 28th, 2016. It provides a one-stop service for global professionals, domestic enterprises and foreign investors. You can view success stories of global professionals working and living in Taiwan on our website. From our homepage, you can find related information with ease.

  1. Contact Taiwan provides information about employment, visa application and life in Taiwan for global professionals.
  2. Contact Taiwan provides foreign professional matchmaking recruitment services for domestic enterprises.
  3. Contact Taiwan provides information about industrial advantages, investment opportunities and incentive programs in Taiwan for foreign investors.



The Ministry of labor has established the following 2 websites to help foreigners to apply for work permit and get information.

1. EZ Work Permit

2. EZ Work Taiwan