Surveys of Living Environment for Foreigners Print

     In order to provide our foreign friends with a livable and convenient travel experience in Taiwan, the government initiated a series of projects beginning in 2002, including the Creating an International Living Environment program. The central government, local authorities and the private sectors have all contributed to creating an international friendly environment. Today, Taiwan demonstrates an international appearance with Chinese/English bilingual signs established for roads, transport depots/terminals, government agencies and public places. In relation to information and consultation services, most government agency websites are also available in English versions. Furthermore, the Living in Taiwan website and Information for Foreigners Hotline (IFF)(0800-024-111) were also created especially for the convenience of foreigners. In terms of local municipalities, foreigner assistance centers or service counters have also been established to serve foreigners. As far as the shopping environment is concerned, there are over 5,000 English Services Emblem accredited stores, restaurants, B&Bs and hospitals nationwide offering English service. For medical care, international health services have fostered an international friendly environment. According to the research, the foreigners' level of satisfaction has increased from 42.2% in 2002 to 80.6% in 2014, indicating a significant improvement in the friendliness of the living environment.

     The website focuses on the needs of foreigners living in Taiwan by providing a satisfaction survey on the international living environment in Taiwan as well as national/local living information and links to important English websites etc. The aim is to assist our foreign friends to quickly obtain vital living information in Taiwan.

  1. The results of surveys regarding living environment for foreigners (summary of the  surveys from 2012 to 2014)
  2. Survey of living quality from the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan in 2014(Provided by European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan)
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