Why Taiwan Print

1.  Why Taiwan

Excellent manufacturing support: Taiwan possesses outstanding hardware and software engineering talents and complete industrial supply chains, allowing to provide various services including design, manufacturing, logistics and marketing etc with easy accesses for the customers.

Flexible production:Taiwan is a key player in the maker movement, being equipped with flexible manufacturing techniques and support for customized, small-batch, high quality production.

Complete internet infrastructure:The internet penetration rate of Taiwanese is high due to complete internet infrastructure. People are willing to embrace new technology and digital products. For tech startups specialized in such fields as software, e-commerce, IoT and so on, Taiwan is a pretty friendly place to try and innovate.

Strategic geographical location:Locating on the northwest Pacific Ocean, Taiwan not only shares cultural similarities with the neighboring China & ASEAN markets, but also offers convenient and comfortable living environment, making the island accessible with ease as an innovation hub in Asia.

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2. HeadStart Taiwan

        With the gradual changes in global industrial development that have taken place in recent years, the development of Taiwan's manufacturing efficiency and cost-oriented business model have hit a bottleneck, resulting not only in outflows of capital and high-level talent, but also causing the momentum of economic growth to stall. The government has therefore worked to transform the economic and industrial structure by actively promoting programs such as the Three Industries, Four Reforms program to optimize the industrial structure; the Plan to Catapult Hidden Champions to strengthen internationally competitive firms with crucial technologies; the Program to Reinvigorate Traditional Businesses to promote the upgrading of traditional industries; and the Free Economic Pilot Zones to innovate on regulatory systems. In addition, in order to drive the next wave of economic growth, the government plans to improve the domestic environment for innovation and entrepreneurship in order to create an advantageous new position for Taiwan.

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