• To evaluate the business-related legal system and administration effectiveness of various economies, the World Bank has issued 17 annual Doing Business reports from 2003 to 2019 in which the results of the Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) survey are announced. Due to the high level of professionalism and objectivity of the survey contents and ratings, the EoDB has become the basis for business environment reforms in various economies (such as Singapore, the ROK and Malaysia) and international economic organizations (such as the OECD, APEC) and is also important data cited by other international competition rating organizations (such as the WEF and IMD.)


    From October, 2008 the NDC has taken Doing Business as the basis for business environment reforms and, as of October, 2019 has implemented 11 years of reforms. The overall ranking of Taiwan has risen from 61st in 2008 to 15th in 2019.


    The main contents of 11 years of business environment reforms are outlined below:

    • The process for applying for additional Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance was simplified, Company Law was amended and the minimum capital requirement for setting up a company was abolished, the unified license –issuing system for profit-making enterprises was abolished, the Main Points for Work Rule Examination were revised to clearly state examination time, and online reporting and payment of enterprise business tax promoted. (2008/2009)
    • The company registration administrative process was shortened, the National Health Insurance Act Enforcement Rules amended to clearly state the time that insurance becomes effective, then Main Points for Work Rule Examination revised and a work rule model example and examination time added, amended the Deed Tax Act’s reporting standards for unified deed tax reporting, and amended the Tax Law by lowering the profit-seeking enterprise income tax rate. (2009/2010)
    • Completed the establishment of a Company and Business One-stop Service Request website and assisted Taipei City Government establish the One-stop Counter for Building Permit center, simplified acquisition power application process and time, and made profit-seeking enterprise income tax payment more convenient. (2010/2011)
    • Assisted Taipei City Government to expand the One-stop Counter for Building Permit center into One-Stop Counter for Building Permit (For Factories, Warehouses, or Office Building of Five Stories or Lower)” (herein “the counter”), amended Company Law and the Securities Transaction Act and other laws and regulations to protect investors, and established an enterprise financial account online tax withholding system. (2011/2012)
    • The Accountant Capital Check Online Certification function was added to the One-stop Shop Online Website, the counter process merged and the Customs Tariff Act was amended by adding a legal basis for the CPT Single Window. (2012/2013)
    • The One-stop Shop Online Website became completely paper-free, the counter process was simplified, the various land administration offices of Taipei City Government were assisted in establishing an integrated real estate registration and tax payment single window and the establishment of Chinese-English website, the Nationwide Property Secured Transactions Public Inquiry Website was established, the Enforcement Rules of the Personal Property Secured Transactions Act were loosened, allowing general description registration by the party involved, and the Joint Credit Information Center data bank source was strengthened (expanded to include the finance and leasing industry, car installment payment industry, public utility and fiscal and tax and other information.) (2013/2014)
    • Simplified the procedures of the One-Stop Counter for Building Permits (For Factories, Warehouses and Office Buildings of Five Stories or Lower); reduced the procedure for Completion of the External Connection Work to get electricity; completed the establishment of the Property Secured Transaction Online Registration and Public Inquiry website. (2014/2015)
    • Setting up an online reporting system for terms of employment for businesses; distinguishing between power supply time for overhead and underground lines for the "Getting Electricity" Indicator; creating a grievance mechanism for real estate registration disputes; providing an online registration service for the property secured transactions and revisions of related acts and regulations; simplifying reporting procedures for Profit-seeking Enterprise Income Tax and Business Tax; establishing an online lawsuit filing and legal brief submission platform. (2015/2016)
    • Enhancing the company registration one-stop online application functions; shortening the time period allowed for sub-contractors to complete underground lines in the process of obtaining power supply; establishing good corporate governance; simplifying the profit-seeking enterprise income tax reporting process; promoting paperless import/export C2 document review; launching a civil case online filing system. (2016/2017)
    • Amending the note for “Regulations Governing Company Registration and Recognition” tables 1-6 and exempting seals for company registration; launching the ADR Organization Enquiry Platform and the Supreme Court “Lawyers’ online system for petitions to read documents and copy electronic documents".(2017/2018)
    • Release the orders which revealed that the financial, securities, and insurance industry and exchange-listed and OTC-listed futures commission merchants and non-financial industry companies that have issued stock in accordance with Security Exchange Act, shall have independent directors; emerging stock companies in the non-financial industry shall have independent directors on January 1, 2020; the e-service certification system has allowed government agencies, legal persons and banks to submit applications for their accounts on the e-lawsuit platform for access to the platform with GCA, XCA and MOEACA certificates for presentation of lawsuit documents; the e-lawsuit system now also allows natural persons to be litigation agents and allows government agencies, legal persons and banks to bring civil lawsuits online via the electronic lawsuit system. (2018/2019)