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Title: Implementation Directions for Research and Development in Subordinate Agencies of the Executive Yuan Ch
Date: 2008.06.03
Legislative: Promulgated by Executive Yuan on June 3, 2008.
1. These Directions were promulgated to enhance research and development work in subordinate agencies of the Executive Yuan (hereinafter referred to as “agencies”) and increase administration efficiency.
2. The agencies shall utilize knowledge management and other innovative methods in conducting research programs to promote research and development work.
Agencies shall adopt forward-looking planning in the collection of documents or information, emphasize knowledge sharing, promote flexible applications and innovation, utilize knowledge platforms, and create knowledge value when employing knowledge management to enhance the promotion of research and development work.
The competent authority responsible for research and evaluation functions within each agency shall be responsible for the promotion of research and development.
3. Research programs shall be carried out as follows:
(1) Conducted independently by agency personnel.
(2) Conducted jointly by the personnel of relevant agencies.
(3) Conducted in cooperation with experts or academic institutions.
(4) Conducted by experts or academic institutions entrusted to carry out special research.
4. Agencies shall enter the title, duration, budgets and other details of the current year’s research programs into the Government Research Bulletin before the end of March each year. Any additions or amendments shall be updated in a timely fashion.
5. First-level subordinate agencies of the Executive Yuan shall verify the implementation results and rewards of research programs conducted in the previous year by the agency and its subordinate agencies, via the Government Research Bulletin and an official letter to the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (hereinafter referred to as the “RDEC”) for future reference.
6. Each agency may annually check and review the performance of its research and development work and that of its subordinate agencies according to its needs. The RDEC may carry out written inspections or on-site inspection visits on an irregular basis.
7. Personnel of agencies engaging in research and development work may be rewarded before the end of each year for significant performance achievements in the following categories:
(1) Proposing innovative recommendations for boosting international competitiveness and national development.
(2) Proposing means to promote and improve public governance and agency functions. 
(3) Proposing adjustments and amendments to the organization or laws and regulations of the agency.
(4) Actively promoting research and development work of the agency.
8. The abovementioned personnel rewards shall be as follows:
(1) Citations, merit records, major merit records, or disbursement of cash rewards.
(2) Citations in individual promotion scores according to the promotion standards of each agency.
(3) Recommendation for further study or open commendations.
(4) Sponsorship of research-work publications of special value.
(5) Serving as the basis for individual performance appraisals.
9. First-level subordinate agencies of the Executive Yuan shall establish relevant research and development guidelines with regard to their respective functions and in accordance with these Directions and relevant laws, and publish these guidelines openly on the agency’s website.