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Title: Implementation Directions for Electronic Data Circulation of Administrative Agencies Ch
Date: 2007.06.07
Legislative: Promulgated by Executive Yuan on February 8, 1995.
Partial provisions revised by Executive Yuan on February 2, 2001.
Revised by Executive Yuan on June 7, 2007.

1. These Directions were promulgated to promote Internet circulation of electronic data by the Executive Yuan and its subordinate agencies (hereinafter referred to as “agencies”), increase administrative efficiency, and fully utilize national resources.

2. The definition of terms used in these Directions shall be as follows:  

 (1) Electronic data: Agency data and other relevant data processed by computer and stored in various types of media.

 (2) Electronic data circulation: Electronic data provided by agencies via the Internet to other government agencies, state-owned enterprises, private corporations, general organizations, and individuals. 

 (3) Metadata: Relevant data that describes the background, content, association, and data control of electronic data.

 (4) Category search: Inquiries and readings conducted on the basis of categories in accordance with metadata directions.

3. The Research, Development and Evaluation Commission of the Executive Yuan shall be responsible for agencies’ overall planning, coordination and promotion of electronic data circulation, and the promulgation of various directions for metadata and category searches.

  Agencies shall appoint a designated unit responsible for matters related to electronic data circulation.

4. Agencies shall label electronic data in accordance with directions promulgated by the Research, Evaluation and Development Commission of the Executive Yuan, to be used in the category search service provided by “My E-Gov Portal” (

5. Agencies shall conduct electronic data circulation involving security maintenance and intellectual property rights protection in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

6. The Research, Development and Evaluation Commission of the Executive Yuan may suspend the connection between “My E-Gov Portal” and agencies which face severe circumstances or other urgent situations resulting from violations of these Directions.

7. In addition to agencies, other government agencies, state-owned enterprises, public schools, and research institutions may be applied to these Directions.